• Vicky Horsfield

Safe newborn photography, West Yorkshire

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

Your baby is the most precious thing in the world, and during any kind of session, their safety is always my number one priority. With this in mind, I undertook hands-on workshops in safely posing babies before I opened my doors as a business, and continue to refresh my knowledge regularly.

My posing is mostly very natural, as is the preference of my clients, though there are a few times during the session that I will ask for your assistance in ensuring your baby's safety. These are usually more complex poses such as the 'froggy', where the baby's chin rests on their hands (This pose should ALWAYS be shot as a composite image, and I will never leave your baby unsupported in this pose), or when your baby is in a prop bowl. I use post-production techniques to remove any evidence of support and there are some images at the bottom of the post as examples.

You may have noticed the badges on my website telling you I'm a member of both BANPAS (The Baby and Newborn Photography Association) and The Guild of Professional Newborn and Baby Photographers. What does that actually mean though?

Newborn and baby photography is an unregulated industry - there is no organisation which randomly drops in on photographers to ensure they are working safely or to a high standard. By being a member of BANPAS, who promote and educate parents and photographers in safe working practices, I have signed up voluntarily to adhere to their code of conduct and put safety first. After all, there's nothing more important!

I'm also a member of the Guild of Professional Newborn and Baby Photographers, and am currently awaiting the results of my submission for "Qualified Status" within the organisation*. This assessment judges the technical quality of my work, and as part of the assessment judges that the 21 images submitted have been created in a safe and comfortable way for the baby. I'm hoping to hear my results of this very soon and will share more with you then!

*Edit 02.03.18: I received notification my submission for Qualified status had been successful on 27th February 2018, and wll be writing a seperate post about it very soon!

Here are some examples for you. The first image is of a baby girl fast asleep on her Daddy's army equipment. She was supported well behind the equipment which was heavy enough to hold her safely, and we used her blanket to make her comfortable. You can see her Daddy was standing very close to her, gently supporting her head.

Here is the same image with Daddy removed:

This next example is a baby boy in one of my prop bowls. There is a big chunk of solid Yorkshire stone in the bottom of the tree-trunk bucket which is much heavier than the baby, so there was no danger of the prop toppling over. Again I made him comfortable with soft stuffers. Here you can again see his Daddy supporting him while I set up the shot. This time as baby's head was resting comfortably on his arms, I asked Dad to quickly raise his hand for a second or two while I took the shot, and then put it back down gently again afterwards.

Here's the finished edit with Daddy's hand just out of shot.

If you have any questions at all about my newborn photoshoots, or would like to book your own, please get in touch!

I provide safe newborn photography in Halifax, West Yorkshire. The studio is within easy reach of Leeds, Bradford, and Huddersfield.