• Vicky Horsfield

Lifestyle Maternity Photography at Home in Leeds | West Yorkshire

I was asked to photograph a lovely mum-to-be and her two year old daughter to mark a very special time in any family's life - a mixture of excitement about the impending arrival of a sibling, and the last few months the first-born child has his or her parents all to themselves. It's a time worth cherishing for sure.

I traveled across to Leeds to spend some time with Laura in her home, and the shoot itself took just over an hour. We worked to little Jemima's timescale and for much of the session she led how long we spent on each particular series of images. My shoots are relaxed and informal, and I don't push young children into doing anything they don't feel like doing - the results of this are invariably either forced grins or scowls, neither of which are usually what parents are after in their photos!

If you'd like to book your own lifestyle maternity photoshoot please just get in touch at vicky@vhphotography.co.uk, or give me a call on 07402 210895. I look forward to hearing from you!