• Vicky Horsfield

First Smiles Sessions | Photoshoots for slightly older babies | Halifax, West Yorkshire

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

There are many reasons why you may not have had a newborn photoshoot with your baby - maybe your baby was born during lockdown, or perhaps you just didn't know you wanted a newborn shoot until after your baby arrived and struggled to find a photographer with availability, or perhaps you just wanted to wait until they were a bit older. Whatever the reason, it is still possible to have some really beautiful photgraphs taken of your slightly older baby, and my First Smiles sessions offer just that for babies around 8 weeks old.

Many newborn photographers won't photograph babies much over 3 weeks of age - this is because around this time babies become much more alert and awake, and less likely to be comfortable in curled up, sleepy poses. However, just because you might have missed out on this very short window for newborn-style images, it doesn't mean you can't have some beautiful photos of your baby, it just means the session has to take a much more natural, unposed approach.

All my baby photoshoots, be it a Newborn, First Smiles, or Sitter session, are all really relaxed and totally baby led - perhaps none moreso than a First Smiles shoot. Chances are your baby will be awake for much of the shoot, which means they won't be posed in any way - they'll constantly move their little arms and legs, and be looking around at the world around them. And that is perfectly fine - I just pick my moments on when to click the shutter to capture them at their best, and make sure they are warm & comfortable throughout.

My First Smiles sessions are as long as a Newborn Shoot - up to four hours in the studio. During that time we'll make use of a range of setups depending on your baby and what they are comfortable with. Usually we'll start off on the beanbag, but if they do happen to stay asleep when you arrive, we might start elsewhere. As I say, it's totally baby-led!

During the four-hour session, it's likely your baby will need feeding and changing, and eventually they are likely to fall asleep, especially if they've tired themselves out having a good wriggle around on the beanbag! Once asleep, or when they're getting sleepy, we can move on to flokati rugs and other props if you'd like. Often wrapping a baby can help them sleep, so often that is a useful tool when they're feeling sleepy.

So, as you can see - you haven't missed out just because you didn't have a photoshoot in the first 3 weeks of your baby's life - you can still get some really beautiful images of them when they are tiny for you to treasure forever. To book your First Smiles shoot, please just get in touch to check my availability!