• Vicky Horsfield

Bluebell Woods Family Photography | Halifax | West Yorkshire

I've been meaning to blog this session for weeks, but life keeps getting in the way somehow. So forgive me for sharing these images with beautiful spring flowers with you now they've been and gone, and we're basking in the long hazy days of summer (if only!).

This was an impromptu session with my own two kids, and just goes to show how a relaxed, outdoor photo session doesn't need to be a long drawn out affair. We took a walk after tea on a lovely sunny evening to find some bluebells, and didn't spend more than about 20 minutes taking photos. Most of the time the kids were just playing about with sticks and rocks and the other things kids like to play with in the woods, and I just watched them play and looked for opportunities to take photos. The only time I actually directed them was if there was a particularly pretty spot to play in, or to get a picture of them both together, but even then I only asked them to sit together for a minute or two - with exploring to be done they didn't want to sit down for long!

In our search for the bluebells we wandered through fields, climbed over gates, went through styles and eventually found the flowers we were looking for. We all love bluebells, and I think the fact that they're so delicate and only around for a few short weeks of the year makes them all the more appealing.

Just before we set off my daughter picked out her favourite dress and sparkly wellies. I have to admit, I didn't love these wellies when she first picked them out in the shop, but now I feel like they suit her so well - she loves pretty, girly stuff (no idea where she gets it from!) but she's just as happy playing outside digging in mud and exploring. I wanted to capture some details of her and who she is at this age, and I feel that some of these photos capture her independent, happy and gentle spirit so well.

My son is slightly more camera-shy than his sister, a sensitive soul who doesn't crave the limelight like she does. But that said, he's a happy little chap and loves nothing more than messing around with sticks and causing mischief for his big sister.

Overall, this has been one of my favourite sessions to date with my own children. I've been wanting to get some bluebell images for ages, and the kids are at such a nice age right now that I wanted to capture them before they get any bigger. I feel like the images have preserved a time in our lives that won't come around again and for that I am thankful. Not bad for an hour's walk in the woods after tea one evening!

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