• Vicky Horsfield

A newborn with siblings photography session | Halifax | West Yorkshire

Have I mentioned that I love photographing babies? My own kids are 6 and 4 now (and quickly heading towards 7 and 5!), so I do love a brand new baby to cuddle.

Last week I got to meet Harriet and her beautiful big sisters in my home studio just outside Halifax, West Yorkshire. We took a range of shots for her parents to treasure, of Harriet on her own and with her sisters. As it turns out, each big sister wanted Harriet all to themselves, and as I don't pressure kids into anything they don't want to do, I took their photos in turn when each one was comfortable with the idea.

At the start of the session Harriet was wide awake - I always allow up to 4 hours for newborn sessions though in case the baby is less keen on sleeping! However we got lucky and after a feed soon fell asleep beautifully and made my job very easy!