I've put together a number of the most commonly asked questions about my services. However if you can't find an answer to your question, please just use the contact form below to ask me and I'll be in touch very soon.

In the studio

Can our older children be included in our newborn shoot?

Of course! I'd be happy to welcome your baby's sibling(s) to the studio. Ordinarily though, newborn sessions are a few hours in duration and siblings can get a bit bored. It can be helpful to do the sibling shots right at the start of the session, and for you to arrange for someone to look after your older child once we have those shots. I do have a good selection of kids movies to watch though if you don't have anyone who can pick them up and care for them for the rest of the session though!

What if my baby isn't sleepy during the shoot?

Not all newborns sleep all the way through their photoshoot, particularly if they're a few weeks old. However, I have a selection of setups and props that we can use to give you a good variety of images even if your baby is wide awake throughout.

Can we be in the photos with our baby?

Of course! I can include parent portraits in your session with a selection of backdrops. Also, if you're worried you'll be very tired when your baby is newborn and not feel like you want to have your photo taken, I can include shots featuring just your hands and your baby - these are a great way to show just how tiny they were in comparison to you.

On location

Can we bring our dog to our family photoshoot?

Yes! I love animals and understand they are just as much part of the family as anyone else.

What if the weather is bad for our photoshoot?

If we mutually decide that the weather is too bad to proceed with the shoot then we can postpone for another day. I keep an eye on the forecast leading up to shoots and stay in touch to decide.


What should we wear for our photoshoot?

First and foremost you should wear something you feel comfortable and 'you' in. I usually advise to wear something appropriate to the location, and to stick to subdued colours on plain or finely printed fabrics. This means your faces will be the main focus of the image with no bright colours casting onto them. If you're having family photos, choose from a small range of colours that compliment eachother and don't clash. Also it's best to stick to dark coloured shoes so your feet don't distract from the rest of the image. It's important to remember though that these are just a basic guide - if you love your child in their little bright yellow wellies and rainmac for example, by all means bring them in those - these details can make really special images and memories for you.

What if my baby arrives early or late?

Don't worry! I build space into my diary to accomodate babies arriving early, late or right on time. When you book your newborn session we'll pencil in a date that we'll confirm once your baby has arrived and you're all settled at home.

What is included with the session fee?

Each type of session varies, and you can see each type of session and what's included towards the bottom of the Investment page. Session fees include one complimentary 10"x8" mounted gift print delivered with your order of products. They don't include any digital images, these are available to purchase at your viewing session.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

I do! They're really flexible and available for any amount equal to or above the session fee. Contact me for more details.

How many images will we get to view from the shoot?

Every shoot is different, and I don't have an upper limit on the number of images I edit and present. Although I don't guarantee a minimum number of images to view, I've not yet delivered fewer than 20 for viewing. Of course it depends on the individual shoot as to how many we get. With any shoot you should have a good selection of images to choose from. As a guide, studio shoots tend to produce fewer images than lifestyle ones, and for a studio newborn shoot I'll typically hand-edit and present 30-40 images. Lifetyle shoots tend to be in the region of 40-60.

Do you accept credit cards?

For your convenience at your viewing session I accept all major credit and debit cards wherever there's a wifi or 3/4G signal using a SumUp payment device.

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